Who we are

Based on 30 years experience in the organic food industry, we stand for controlled biological cultivation, continuous further development of our processing methods, transparency, careful monitoring of every production step, and guaranteed organic products – from cultivation to packaging.

We are specialists for rice, pulses, and cereal products in superior organic quality. Sugar, dried fruits, nuts, oilseeds, and sprouting seeds remain classics in our assortment. With our innovative Cook-in-Bag products as well as our soup, pan and soya dishes, we provide creative cuisines with fresh ideas.
Since the founding of our company, we have been deeply rooted in the Münsterland region in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Our history

In 1973, company founder Rainer Welke laid the foundation to today’s Davert GmbH by opening his “Makrohaus” (Macro House), which was one of the five first organic grocery stores in Germany. The high demand for biological products soon led to the opening of his second shop: “Biogarten” (Organic Garden), which was located on Achtermannstraße in Münster, with a shop area of 130 sq m.
With the vision that the monitoring, purchasing, cleaning, storing, and filling of controlled organically grown cereals, pulses, and seeds belong into the hands of specialists, Welke took over an old mill site in 1984 – the Davert Mill.

Today, you will find our company, runned by CEO Erk Schuchhardt, in a new office building in close vicinity to the “Davert” nature reserve, where we are happy to assume responsibility for our environment and our employees. Short transport routes, an efficient production flow, and low energy consumption comply with our claim to be committed to sustainability.



What we do

Right from the beginning, one main focus of our work has been to motivate and consult many farmers in Germany and abroad to switch towards organic farming. In addition to the intense promotion of regional cultivation, we also support ecological cultivation projects in South and East Europe, North America, and in the southern hemisphere.
We act in a “rigorously ecological“ way, pursuing a holistic approach when manufacturing our products. With the aim to ensure maximum transparency and highest quality standards, we accompany the complete product cycle – from producer to consumer, while making sure that we receive a complete proof of origin and precise product documentation, and that the EU regulation on Organic Farming is being implemented properly. This implies sensorial, physical, and chemical tests of the delivered raw materials as regards valuable components and undesirable substances.

  Being one of the industry leaders on the organic food market, we are aware of our responsibility for nature. Hence, Davert does not only stand for ecologically-oriented trade relations but also for highest demands in terms of using our resources and energy sources in a careful and responsible way, while developing and conserving natural ecosystems.



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